ROS Developers LIVE-Class #26: Robot Behavior Design using the FlexBe Engine


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This is the first of three(3) live classes on Robot Behavior Design
using the FlexBe Engine. The FlexBe Engine allows you to string together various states easily, make changes at runtime and create simple behaviors using Drag & Drop interface equipped with many other features that you will be introduced to along this series.

This first class will:
▸ Give you an overview of the FlexBe Engine
▸ Teach you how to create a simple behavior with the ProxyPublisher class
▸ Teach you how to use the ProxySubscriberCached class

Every Tuesday at 18:00 CET/CEST.

This is a LIVE Class on how to develop with ROS. In Live Classes you practice with me at the same time that I explain, with the provided free ROS material.

IMPORTANT: Remember to be on time for the class because at the beginning of the class we will share the code with the attendants.

IMPORTANT 2: in order to start practicing quickly, we are using the ROS Development Studio for doing the practice. You will need a free account to attend the class. Go to and create an account prior to the class.

ROS Development Studio
Robot Ignite Academy

Topics: FlexBe
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