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An easy-to-start, flexible, industry-aligned online robotics teaching and learning platform to modernize your curriculum.

The Construct modernize robotics classes at over 100 universities and colleges worldwide

Past vs. Present

A Modern Way to Teach Robotics


Time-consuming initial setup

now with our system

Ready-to-Go Online System


No need to install anything


No need to set up anything


No requirement for computer type


Works on any operating system


ROS is ready to run online


All ROS/ROS2 distributions are provided


SAML Authentication


An Online Interactive Robotics & ROS Teaching Platform

Ready-to-teach curriculum

The web-based ROS environment, lessons, exercises, exams, and 100,000 ROS projects are ready for use in your classes.

Ready-to-use robot simulations 

The platform comes with Gazebo 3D robotics simulator. A variety of off-the-shelf simulated robots are available for your classes. Every student gets a chance to practice.

Practice with 24/7 Remote Real Robots

Students can remotely connect to our 24/7 robots located in Spain to practice what they’ve learned. Give your students access to real-world practice without increasing infrastructure costs.


Modern Course Management

Ensure Your Students’ Learning Outcomes

Self-corrected exercises

The exercises are provided, and the system can automatically mark them.

Student progress report

Makes it easier for you to manage students online and track their learning progress.

Create your online assignment

You can create a shareable robot programming assignment using our platform, so your students can do it in a ready-to-use online ROS development environment.

Courses We Provided

From basic to advanced, we offer all topics in robotics programming

Pre-requisite courses


Python 3 

Modern C++

Robotics Theory courses

Robot Dynamics & Control

Robotics Control

Kinematics of Mobile Robots

Arm Kinematics

Kalman Filters
Math for Robotics

Path Planning

DevOps courses


Git and GitHub Basics


Continuous Integration

Web Development for Robotics

Courses for ROS 1

ROS Basics (Python)

ROS Basics (C++)

Programming Drones


Fuse Sensor Data 



ROS Perception

ROS Control

Unit Testing 

RViz Advanced Marker

Debug Cases

Unit Testing

Courses for ROS 2

ROS2 Basics (Python)

ROS2 Basics (C++)

ROS2 for Industrial Robots

URDF for Robot Modeling

ROS2 Control

ROS2 Navigation (Nav2)

ROS2 Manipulation

GTest Framework

Gazebo Simulator


 Behavior Trees for ROS2

 ROS2 Security

Distributing ROS Apps with Snaps

GTest Framework for ROS2

AI for Robotics courses

Using NVIDIA Jetson Nano

DL with Domain Randomization

ROS DL with TensorFlow

Machine Learning for Robotics

OpenAI with ROS

Reinforcement Learning

Deep Learning for Robotics

Self-Driving Cars with ROS


Mastering Gazebo Simulator

Advanced Features to Customize Your Course


We Help You Create Your Cloud Robot Lab

Enter a command, and your students can access and program your robots remotely from anywhere.


Customize the Courses at Your Will

The individual units of each course can be combined as you wish, so you can design a course specifically for your teaching needs.

Plans & Pricing

See below our special prices for teaching institutions

Fixed License

Get a 10% discount if payment done before licenses assignment



New option!

Floating License

Get the full pass for your students

The floating license supports sharing of the pool of licenses among your team. For more information about floating licenses, please contact us at

With The Construct, your students can jump right into ROS without all the hardware and software setup problems. And the best part is that they can do this from anywhere!

Steffen Pfiffner

Lecturer, University of Weingarten

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