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Batch 5 – September 2024

Zero to Robotics Developer: Master Skills, Kickstart Your Career

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Starts on

September 2, 2024


Estimated time

1000 hours

for complete robotics developer readiness




Robotics Needs Developers

Robots are becoming an essential part of our world. As a result, there is a massive demand for robotics developers to create solutions to everyday problems.

The challenge is that robotics engineering is multidisciplinary and difficult to learn. So we’ve built the Robotics Developer Masterclass to help you master robotics development from scratch and get you 100% job-ready to work at any robotics company.

Personal Mentor

Experienced-in-robotics mentors provide 1-on-1 coaching to make you progress.


Linux and Python. Beginners are welcome.

Flexible Learning

Self-paced. Choose a learning schedule that works best for you.


NO videos. NO slides. Learn by DOING with simulated and real robots.

Now’s the Best Time

Catch the Robotics Wave



Robot usage worldwide is increasing exponentially.

Growing Demand

Industry giants entering, high demand for skilled robotics developers.



Enjoy good earnings in a field considered cool.


Kickstart Your Career in Robotics Software

Pathway to Success

  Learning Path + Internship

Phase 1 – Robotics Developer Novice

200 hours

Build a robot programming foundation and get started with ROS.
Acquired Skills:

  • Collaborative software development with Git
  • C++ programming skills for robotics
  • ROS2 basics
  • Robot modeling with URDF – ROS2
  • Robot frame transformations with TF ROS2
  • Create robot simulations with Gazebo (Ignition)
  • ROS1 basics


Apply ROS to the Beginners City Lab and get a mobile robot – TurtleBot3 to perform specific tasks.


Phase 2 – Robotics Developer Beginner

200 hours

Understand how to program mobile manipulator skills, including navigation, perception of the environment, and manipulation of objects.

Acquired Skills:

  • Advanced ROS2 concepts
  • Robot navigation with ROS2
  • Robot perception with ROS2
  • Object manipulation with ROS2
  • Build robot controllers with ROS2


Apply what you have learned to the Warehouse Lab and create an entire pick-and-place task with real warehouse collaborative robots: RB1-Base and UR3e Arm.

Lab in coop with 


Phase 3 – Robotics Developer Experienced

200 hours

Understand any robotic system’s physics and mathematical principles, from simple kinematics to advanced planning and control algorithms.

Acquired Skills:

  • Essential math for robotics
  • Mobile robot kinematics
  • Robot arm kinematics
  • Robot dynamics
  • Kalman filters
  • Path planning algorithms


Apply what you have learned to the Cyber World Lab. Design and develop, from zero, the navigation algorithms for a wheeled mobile robot – ROSbot XL.

Lab in coop with    and

Cyber World Lab Robotics Developer Masterclass by The Construct

Phase 4 – Robotics Developer Competent

200 hours

Understand the development tools for robot programming in a corporate environment. Then, prepare to bear the day-to-day work of a robotics developer.

Acquired Skills:

  • Program web interfaces for ROS2
  • Containerize your software with Docker
  • Automate development tasks with Jenkins
  • Check the integrity of the code with continuous integration (CI)


You’ll receive a TortoiseBot kit, assemble, and program it. Your goal in this phase is to develop a ROS-based web app from scratch to control the robot within a containerized environment using continuous integration.


Phase 5 – Robotics Developer Advanced

200 hours

Put all your skills and knowledge to the test in a real-world scenario. Design, develop and present, from zero, a complete robotics project for the StarBots Cafeteria Lab. Get robots to prepare coffee, deliver coffee to the tables, and clean the space while maintaining the battery level.


Phase 6 – Robotics Developer

3-month internship

The Robotics Developer Masterclass offers you a practical internship at a leading robotics company. Learn from industry practitioners and enhance your knowledge with relevant work assignments to help you prepare for your future career as a robotics developer.

Real practice

Get Hands-on with Robots

Learn and develop robotic apps by practicing with simulated and real robots.

Combine our online IDE with Remote Real Robot Labs that drop you into real-world scenarios and learn by doing in real RobDev environments.


what you will learn

Must-have Skills for RobDev Jobs

Learn the




Python 3




Modern C++


Robot Operating System (ROS 2) Basics


ROS2 URDF for Robot Modeling




Gazebo (Ignition)


ROS1 Basics

Build Robotics Programming Skills


ROS2 Intermediate


ROS2 Navigation


ROS2 Navigation Advanced


ROS2 Perception


ROS2 Manipulation


ROS2 Control

Study Robotics
Know-how Theory


Maths for Robotics


Kinematics of Mobile Robots


Arm Kinematics


Robot Dynamics and Control


Kalman Filters


Path Planning Algorithms

DevOps for
Robotics Projects


Robot Web Programming


Web Interfaces for ROS2


Docker for Robotics




Unit Testing


Continuous Integration


Walk Away with a Robotics Portfolio

Your projects will be integrated into a shareable online robotics portfolio, showing your code and results to potential employers.



Get Certified!

Get recognized! Upon completing this program, The Construct grants a certificate of completion to participants. This program is graded as a pass or fail; participants must prove their learning results in the final project to pass and obtain the certificate of completion.

Career options after completion

  • Robotics Software Engineer
  • Robotics Product Manager
  • Robotics Consultant
  • Robotics Instructor
  • Robotics Researcher


Bonus Robotics Workouts

Weekly Talks by Industry Pros!

Learn from top-notch experts in ROS/robotics every week. Gain insights from seasoned robotics developers!

Weekly Reinforcement C++ Class

Weekly live classes to boost your C++ programming skills.

100% guaranteed

Internship Placements

After your Masterclass, you’ll be placed in an online/on-site internship at one of the world’s leading robotics companies. Internships are optional and not required for the certificate.

Current number of internship opportunities by country (updated quarterly)


Master Robot Software Skills for Seamless Career Transition

New Graduates

Mechanical students who want to learn robot programming from zero for a competitive edge, and quick employment.

IT Career Switchers

Escape job dissatisfaction by mastering a high-paying skill for an early entry into a promising new career.

Career Advancers

Stay ahead in your career with proactive learning of emerging technologies, boosting your chances of promotion and salary growth.

Class Highlights

Key Takeaways

Learn to build robot apps in an actual integrated development environment

Gain in-demand robotics skills in a fast-growing industry

Practice with both simulated & real robots

All courses are based on hands-on exercises & projects

Walk away with a robotics portfolio project to share with potential employers

Internship opportunities in robotics companies to learn from industry practitioners

Flexible Duration

Achieve Success at Your Own Pace


Completion time: 1000 hours to acquire all skills.

Join Masterclass Batch 5 on September 2, 2024 and pace yourself through the 1,000-hour program. See the table below for duration based on weekly commitment.

Weekly Time Commitment Completion Time in Months
40 hours 6 months
30 hours 8 months
20 hours 12 months
10 hours 24 months


This Masterclass program is available in four languages:





Tutor meetings, extra C++ live classes, and Discord channel only in English

Program start: Monday, September 2, 2024

Spots: only 50 students

Format: Online


Evaluation language: English


Regular Price: 900€ per month

Super Early Bird Price: 700 per month *Deadline: July 15, 2024*



  • LinuxLinux is the base for most professional robotics systems. For that reason, Linux knowledge is a must. Take this free course to learn Linux essentials for robotics.
  • Python 3. Python allows you to create quick prototypes and test your ideas before going into a production solution. Take this free course to learn Python essentials for robotics.
  • Basic math. A minimum high school level math equivalent is a requirement to understand basic robotics concepts. Check out this course to learn essential math concepts for robotics.

Enroll Now

Robotics Developer Masterclass

Batch 5 – September 2024

Who should take this Masterclass?

Enroll in the Robotics Developer Masterclass if you are passionate about robotics and can commit time and significant effort to learning. The Masterclass is a rigorous learning course that will provide you with hands-on learning and development from experts in the robotics field. Your hard work and effort will make you job-ready for a career in robotics.
Do not enroll in this program if you are shopping for an easy robotics certificate or cannot fully commit to the hours required to participate in a rigorous robotics learning course.


Learn 26 subjects


1-on-1 tutoring sessions per month


3-month internship at a robotics company


Practice with simulated & real robots


Real-world projects from the industry


Seminars and talks by highly regarded robotics professionals


Life-long access to the code developed during the program


Technical mentor support


Live chat channel (on Discord) to interact with your classmates and teachers



Pay and Learn at Your Own Pace




Enroll before July 15 and get €200 off per month

Money-Back Guarantee

You can request a refund until October 1, 2024, no questions asked.

How Our Masterclass Changed Lives

Student Testimonials

I have finished the Robotics Developer Masterclass by The Construct. It was a complex and long-term robotics course, with many challenging checkpoints on the way, ending with an advanced and practical project. It took several months, but it was worth that effort. It was a very fascinating journey. I have learned a lot, and now I can use this in many incoming amazing and unique robotics projects.

Robert Gruberski

2023 Batch 3 Student

My six-month journey with The Construct was incredible! From designing robot URDFs to implementing advanced AI concepts in industrial robots, every moment was filled with growth and innovation. The program was a thrilling challenge, pushing me to master state-of-the-art algorithms and advanced concepts while exploring Nav2 Stack, MoveIt2, SLAM, BTs, PointClouds, LIDARs, Perception, Docker, Jenkins, and more. Presenting my final project on YouTube Live was nerve-wracking but exhilarating, proving I can thrive under pressure. I’m deeply grateful to The Construct team, for their unwavering support and guidance.

Naveenraj Kamalakannan

2023 Batch 3 Student

I got a job after 6 months with Robotics Developer Masterclass, and debt free!

Christopher Paliqaw

2022 Batch 1 Student

It was an incredible experience! I started as a complete beginner in computing and am now a robotics developer. Grateful for this journey to learn and grow!

Jason Koubi

2022 Batch 1 Student

This 6-month intensive program is designed to immerse students in both the theoretical and practical realms of robotics, providing hands-on experience with simulation and real robots alike. Thanks to the distinguished group of tutors, their vast expertise promises a rich learning environment, offering insights from various facets of robotics. This journey is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about applying it in real-world scenarios, with a particular focus on ROS2, which is essential for developing secure, reliable, and scalable robotic applications.

Hamza Feroze

2024 Batch 4 Student

The Masterclass is great! The way that The Construct has adapted and condensed a large amount of information to make it easier for students is incredible work. I really enjoyed the Labs and simulated robot experience.

Romulo Perez

2023 Batch 3 Student

I was already working with robots and using ROS, but I struggled to learn on my own. Realizing I needed a structured course to accelerate my learning, I joined the masterclass. This experience has been invaluable, covering not only robot programming but also math, control, theory, GitHub, CI, and robotics development. I’m already applying what I’ve learned to my university research projects. This class exceeded my expectations and has been incredibly challenging and rewarding.

Jēkabs Jaunslavietis

2023 Batch 3 Student



What is the difference between this Masterclass and The Construct's existing course library?
The differences are, in the Masterclass you will have:
  • Comprehensive and fully guided step-by-step path to becoming a Robotics Developer in the shortest amount of time.
  • A personal mentor guides and supports your learning development. You have a 1-hour meeting with him monthly.
  • Access to exclusive courses required to do professional development in a robotics company:
    • Git for Robotics
    • Docker for Robotics
    • Continuous integration
    • Advanced C++ for Robotics
    • Web programming for robotics
    • Jenkins for robotics
  • During the course, you will create several projects to integrate into a shareable online robotics portfolio, showcasing your code and results to potential employers.
  • You will practice what you learn in our Remote Real Robot Labs:
    • Beginners city lab, TurtleBot 3 (this one is also available to regular students)
    • Warehouse lab, with an RB-1 Base and a UR3 robot arm
    • Cyberworld, with a ROSbot XL
    • Starbots cafeteria, with two barista robots, one UR3 robot arm, a door, a coffee machine, and a cleaner robot
  • You will receive a TortoiseBot kit, assemble and program it.
  • You will intern for three months at a leading robotics company.
  • Every two weeks, attend a seminar where external professionals share their experience as Robotics Developers.
  • Extra live C++ classes
  • LinkedIn shareable Robotics Developer certificate
Is this Masterclass video-based?

NO. The courses are based on notebooks (as shown in the image below), which contain lectures, exercises, assignments, and exams to guide you through the program. You can also access the notebooks for review at any time.

The courses are based on regular meetings with your mentor. You will have a mentor assigned to follow your progress. In a monthly session, your mentor will provide feedback on your development, including areas of strength and improvement.

Can I complete the coursework at any time and at my own pace?

Six months is recommended, but you can complete the program at your own pace.

Is the 3-month internship guaranteed upon completion?

The internship is 100% guaranteed for all the students who do the work, study hard, and complete the program. We provide you with an internship at a robotics company, but we want to send people who have taken the course seriously.

Is the internship paid?

The payment for internships varies based on the company policies. Some companies offer compensation, while others may not. It is important to note that we do not interfere in the company’s decision regarding payment.

Where is the internship? Online or offline?

Internships are remote and in-person, depending on your location and other factors. You will discuss and agree on the internship details with your mentor.

Can I choose the internship location?

We will select the best internship opportunity based on your location, skills, and preferences. You will then discuss and agree on the internship details with your mentor.

Is there any contract we need to sign before enrolling in the Masterclass?

Before enrolling and paying, we will ask you to sign a Masterclass License Agreement that explains your rights and obligations.

Can I get a scholarship?
Unfortunately, no scholarship is available at this time.


We are here to help and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.


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(+34) 687 672 123

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