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Realistic ROS + Robots Environment

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Robotics Learning

From ROS essentials to AI, our platform covers all the skills your team needs for developing robot apps.

Exclusive Robotics Courses for Enterprises

Advanced Courses Tailored for Professionals, Available Exclusively for Enterprises!

Mastering Mobile Manipulators

Master how to create ROS applications for autonomous mobile manipulators.

Robot Fleet Management in ROS2

Learn how to set up a robot fleet and manage it with the RMF infrastructure.

ROS2 Industrial Ready

Learn all the topics of ROS2 required to program robots with ROS2 for industrial-collaborative environments.

ROS2 Manipulation Basics

Learn how to use MoveIt in ROS2 and use perception for grasping.

Jenkins for Robotics

Learn how to achieve continuous integration for robotics development.

Docker for Robotics

Learn Docker basics for robot development in this hands-on course.

GTest Framework for ROS2

Understand the GTest (Google Test) framework and how to integrate it with ROS2

Generative AI for Robotics

Learn how to create, train, and tune generative models to control robot behavior.

Web Development for Robotics

Learn to create web applications for your robots.

Git and GitHub Basics

Learn to use Git and GitHub for robotics development


Learn ROS & develop robotic apps by connecting remotely to real robots

1. Warehouse lab

A small size warehouse with two professional robots: a UR3 arm robot and an RB-1 mobile base with shelves that can be picked, carried, etc., for practicing in a warehouse environment.

2. Starbots Cafeteria Lab

Control the robots in a real cafeteria. Robots will serve coffee to the tables, with a UR3 arm robot that prepares the coffee, cleaning robots, and open/closes doors to practice fleet management.

3. Cyber World Lab

Design and develop, from scratch, the navigation algorithms for a wheeled mobile robot – ROSbot XL

4. City Lab

Control a real TurtleBot3 in a small city

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What Our Enterprise Users Say:

The courses are very helpful in putting teams at a certain speed, and the content is excellent. We are very happy with the service provided by The Construct.

Borja Navas, Chief Engineer, Robotics


With less time, our team obtained better results than reading books or tutorials. This is a more dynamic way of learning!

Román Navarro, CTO


Learning ROS with traditional methods takes a lot of time and is complicated. But The Construct already provides all that you need to be ready to start learning ROS, and has many interesting ROS courses that aren’t found on the internet!

Tomohiko Furutani, Sect. AI Robot Development Manager


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