2018 Worldwide Robot Operating System (ROS) Courses Schedule

Written by Yuhong Lin



ROS is becoming the standard of Robotics Programming and learning about ROS has also become more and more important. There are more and more courses taught using ROS. In this post you will find all upcoming ROS courses in 2018. 

If you are teaching a course (at any level) using ROS  please comment below and we’ll share it to this list.

Short Courses (Intensive Training):

  1. Robot Operating System Summer School ROS 2018

    FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences • Aachen

    • Dates: 

    August 20 – August 31, 2018 (Registration Deadline May 31, 2018)

    • Course Content: 

    The ROS Summer School provides the right starter kit in the form of our robotic hardware and – of course – ROS software. We start with several days of introductory courses before tackling the main task of mobile robotics, i.e., perception, localisation, and navigation.

    A highlight of the programme is a competition at the end of the second week: summer school participants form several teams that are then given the task of designing a typical mobile robotic application such as indoor/outdoor exploration. They all use the same hardware, which is powered by the ROS skills that they have acquired.

    Course website >>

  2. ROS Workshop Basic Course (offered in Japanese)

    Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai • Tokyo and Aichi

    • Date:

    May 17, 2018 (Venue : Yurakucho, Tokyo)

    May 22, 2018 (Venue :Venue: Nagoya, Aichi)

    • About the course: Introductory course for ROS, a defacto standard robotics framework software. Suitable for professionals who heard “ROS” but never experienced yet.

    Course website >>

  3. RobotCraft 2018: Internship and Summer Course on Robotics

    3rd Robotics Craftsmanship International Academy • Portugal

    • Date: Jul 2 – Sep 2, 2018
    • About the course:

    Ingeniarius, University of Coimbra and Robotic Clube of UC provide internship mobility and a unique summer course in robotics to students, with or without Erasmus+ Internship mobility. The students attending this 2-months program will have the opportunity to work on robotics, focusing on several state-of-the-art approaches and technologies. The summer course, entitled as the 3rd Robotics Craftsmanship International Academy (RobotCraft 2018 – 2nd July 2018 to 2nd September 2018), will provide a general overview of the science and art behind robotics, teaching the basis around the Arduino programming and the ROS framework. Students will learn how to design, build and program their robots throughout multiple crafts, carefully prepared to provide a wide range of skills and knowledge on the topic.

    Course website >>

  4. ROS Online Courses: 23 online courses available

    Robot Ignite Academy • Online

    • Date: Learn on your schedule
    • About the course: It’s an online Academy contains a series of online ROS courses tied to online simulations, giving you the tools and knowledge to understand and create any ROS based robotics development.  The topics include: ROS basics, navigation, manipulation,, perception, self-driving cars using ROS, ROS-Industrial, OpenAI Gym for robotics, Robot Creation with URDF ROS, RGB-Navigation, ROS control, TF, ROS deep learning with TensorFlow and programming drones with ROS.

    Course website >>

University Courses (Undergraduate & Graduate):


  1. ROS for Industrial Robots

    International ACADEMY | RWTH-AACHEN University • Aachen

    * Date:

    17/09 – 21/09/2018

    • About the course:


    This course introduces the ROS middleware and its tools for developing modern robot systems. It covers the general structure of ROS and the usage of its publish-subscribe, service and action-server concepts. Furthermore, a short introduction of the robot simulation GAZEBO is given. Within hands-on-sessions, the participants will integrate the key components of a mobile robot (Hardware, Sensory as well as Localization, Mapping and Motion Planning Algorithms) in ROS.

    The course will be completed with an examination.

    Affiliated to this, successful participants will receive the official RWTH Executive Certificate.

    Course website >>


    Department of Mechanical Engineering – Northwestern University • USA

    • Date: Offered every fall quarter
    • About the course:

    This is a project-based course aimed at providing experience with a variety of software tools that may be valuable to a robotics engineer working with practical embedded systems. The course will use the Robot Operating System (ROS) as an example framework for software architecture, and learning ROS will be a primary goal of this course. After introductory material, students will work in groups to complete software-intensive robotics projects that operate with real hardware.

    Course website >>

  3. Programming for the Robot Operating System

    University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing • Croatia

    • Date: Winter semester
    • About the course: High complexity of tasks that the modern mobile robots are facing calls for using a programming infrastructure which enables efficient integration of independently developed subsystems into a single system enabling autonomous robot operation. The Robot Operating System (ROS) offers an environment for developing modular control software, a communication infrastructure to connect the software components and an open source library of implemented algorithms. In the last five years ROS has become the standard for robot control in the academic community and its influence is spreading also in the industry. In the scope of this course we shall cover the practical development of software modules in the ROS environment and their integration into a completely functional system for autonomous robot control.

    Course website >>

  4. CSCE 790 Machine Learning

    Computer Science & Engineering Department – University of South Carolina • Columbia

    • Date: Spring 2018
    • About the course: In this course we will study the latest methods in Machine Learning as they apply to the field of robotics. In particular we will study: Reinforcement learning, Gaussian Processes, Deep Learning, and Deep Reinforcement Learning.

    Course website >>

  5. CS 545 Introduction to Robotics

    The Computational Learning and Motor Control Lab • USA

    • Date: Fall 2018
    • About the course: This course introduces fundamental concepts in Robotics. In the first half of the course, basic concepts will be discussed, including coordinate transformation, kinematics, dynamics, Laplace transforms, equations of motion, feedback and feedforward control, and trajectory planning. These topics will be exemplified with simulation studies using our own simulator. The second half of the course will focus on applying the knowledge from the initial lectures to various motor systems, including manipulators, artificial eye systems, locomotory systems, and mobile robotics. Some lectures will be replaced/supplemented with labs in which the course participant will learn to program a small humanoid robot.

    Course website >>


    Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering – University of Washington • USA

    • Date: Winter 2018
    • About the course:  The main goal of this course is to open up new career options in robotics for computer science and engineering students. To that end, the course will teach you the basics of robotics and give you implementation experience. You will learn to use libraries and tools within the most popular robot programming framework ROS (Robot Operating System). We will touch on robot motion, navigation, perception, planning, and interaction through mini-lectures, labs and assignments, eventually integrating these components to create autonomous or semi-autonomous robotic functionalities. The project will give you team-work experience with large scale software integration and it will get you thinking about opportunities for using robots to make people’s lives easier.

    Course website >>



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