ROS for Industrial Robots 101 Python

Introduction to some basic ROS tools to control industrial robots with ROS

Course Overview


ROS for Industrial Robots is a project where the main goal is to bring ROS closer to the industrial robotics world. It is a HUGE project, composed of many packages and tools.

This Course is not meant to make you learn all the things you can achieve with ROS-Industrial, but just to introduce you to some basic concepts you need to know if you want to begin exploring all the ROS-Industrial capabilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of how to create a URDF file for an industrial robot.
  • Create a MoveIt! package for your industrial robot.
  • Perform motion planning using Python.

Simulation robots used in this course

Motoman SIA, Universal Robot Arm





6h 25m

What projects will you be doing?

[ROS Q&A] 168 - What are the differences between global and local costmap

Building the URDF

 Create a Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) file for an industrial robot

ROS Mini Challenge #2 - RViz

Build a MoveIt Package

Create a Moveit Package for your industrial robot

Motion Planning

 Perform motion planning with Python

What you will learn

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Introduction to the Course

A brief introduction to the Course, including a demo

10 min.

Unit 2: Creating the URDF
  • Building the URDF
  • Building the XACRO

30 min.

Unit 3: Building a MoveIt package
  • Building a MoveIt! package
  • Basic Motion Planning
  • Moving the robot in the simulation

2 hrs.

Unit 4: Motion Planning through code (Python)
  • Planning a trajectory
  • Planning to a joint space goal
  • Getting some useful data
  • Executing a trajectory

1 hr. 40 min.

Unit 5: Hands-on Project
  • Build the URDF
  • Build the MoveIt! package
  • Connect the MoveIt! package with the simulation
  • Python Script

2 hrs.

Unit 6: Final Recommendations

Keep Learning

5 min.

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