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Linux for Robotics

Learn the Linux fundamentals you’ll need for robotics development

Course Overview


At present, ROS is fully supported only by Linux systems. This means any ROS-based robot uses Linux, so if you want to create programs for these robots, you have to get ready with Linux.

In the Linux for Robotics course, you will master essential Linux knowledge in order to get started with ROS.

Learning Objectives

  • Navigate through a Linux filesystem
  • Interact with a Linux filesystem
  • Edit files using the Shell (vi editor)
  • Manage access to files (Permissions)
  • Create simple Linux programs (Bash Scripts)
  • Manage execution of Linux programs (Processes)
  • Connect to the remote computer of a robot (ssh)

Simulation robots used in this course

BB8 Robot


Beginner welcome



9h 20m

This course is part of this learning path:

What projects will you be doing?

Linux for robotics unit 0 _Execute Bash Scripts

Control BB-8 robot using Linux

Execute the bash script.

Create simple Linux programs

Work and interact with Linux-based systems.

Manage execution of Linux programs

Learn advanced utilities to interact deeply with a Linux system.

Ultimate Code Foundation Challenge

Program a Parrot AR Drone using Linux.

What you will learn

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Introduction
  • Why Linux for Robotics
  • Practice First: Control BB-8 robot using Linux.

20 min.

Unit 2: Linux Essential

Learn the essential tools & commands to interact with a Linux system

3 hrs.

Unit 3: Advanced Utilities I
  • Manage access to files: Permission
  • Create simple Linux programs: Bash Scripts
  • Environment Variables

3 hrs.

Unit 4: Advanced Utilities II
  • Manage execution of Linux programs: Processes
  • How to connect the remote computer of the robot: SSH
  • Manage installation of the Linux program: APT


Unit 5: Recommendations after the course
Unit 6: EXAM - Ultimate Code Foundation Challenge

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