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Python3 for Robotics

Master the basics of Python 3 required for robot programming

ROS Noetic

Course Overview


Do you want to become a ROS Developer? If the answer is yes, then learning Python is mandatory for you.

Python is the most popular programming language for robots, and it is also the faster and easier way to learn ROS. In this Python3 for Robotics course, you will master essential Python3 knowledge in order to get started with ROS smoothly.

Learning Objectives

  • Store data into Variables
  • Operate with the data in the Variables
  • Change behavior based on Conditions
  • Create Functions that can be called from other parts of the code
  • Encapsulate the code into Classes so you can have clean and robust code

Simulation robots used in this course

TurtleBot 2, Summit XL Robot.


Beginner welcome



11h 30m

This course is part of this learning path:

What projects will you be doing?

Linux for robotics unit 0 _Execute Bash Scripts

Control Robotic Arm using Python

Create your first Python program!

Gazebo ROS Gazebo9 Summit XL robot simulation

Define a class in Python

Create a Python program that makes the robot perform 2 squares.

Turtlebot robot inside a wall in ROSDS

Ultimate Code Foundation Challenge

Help the TurtleBot Robot get out of the maze (by using Python).

What you will learn

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Introduction
  • Why Python for Robotics
  • Practice First: Control Robotic Arm using Python.
  • Create your first Python Program

30 min.

Unit 2: Python Essentials
  • How to create Python Variables
  • Which types of Variables you can create.
  • How to operate with Python Variables

3 hrs.

Unit 3: Conditional Statements & Loops
  • <IF> <ElSE> Statements
  • <FOR> <WHILE> Loops

2 hrs.

Unit 4: Functions
  • How to define a Python Function
  • How to call a Python Function
  • How to use parameters in Functions


Unit 5: Python Classes and OOP
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • How to use Classes in your Python programs.

2 hrs.

CHALLENGE: Help the TurtleBot Robot get out of the maze (by using Python)
EXAM: Ultimate Code Foundation Challenge

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