RDP 012: Everything about ROS2 with Dirk Thomas


Written by Ricardo Tellez


Hi ROS Developers and welcome to the ROS Developers Podcast: the program, the podcast that gives you insights from the experts about how to program your robots with ROS.

In this episode, I talk to Dirk Thomas about ROS2 and some other details about development tools of ROS 1.

He will explain about:

  • Why roscd bring us to the devel directory instead of to the compilation directory.
  • Why they decided to change from rosbuild to catkin_make
  • What can be used ROS buildfarm for
  • Why ROS2 is necessary
  • How to use the ros1_bridge to connect ROS1 programs with ROS 2 ones
  • Some examples of ROS2 applications already working
  • What is the ROS2 roadmap
  • … and many more things

Selected quote from the interview:

With ROS2, the communication protocol is DDS which allows a completely distributed system. The main advantage is that you don’t have a central instance being the unique point of failure.

Dirk Thomas

Dirk Thomas talks about ROS2 for the ROS Developers Podcast

Dirk Thomas talks about ROS2 for the ROS Developers Podcast

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