RDP 011: Building Robotics Products With David Crawley

Building robotics products using ROS with David Crawley

Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this episode I talk to David Crawley founder of Ubiquity Robotics.

He will explain about the idea of using built robots for building more complex robotics products and applications. He will also explain about:

  • What their robotics platform provides off-the-shelf, in terms of hardware and software
  • Their own ROS distribution for Raspberry Pi
  • Their already training deep learning network for recognizing common objects from the Raspberry Pi
  • … and many more things

Selected quote from the interview:

To build a robotics platform for basic navigation on the street takes about two years and half a million dollars. But once  you have that base, building applications on top of it is fast! […] For instance, the application of robot cocktail waiter was build by a single person in 6’5 hours.

David Crawley

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