RDP 009: Learning about Gazebo Simulator with Louise Poubel

Louise Poubel from the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) answers questions about Gazebo simulator

Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this episode I talk to one of the main developers of the Gazebo simulator: Louise Poubel. She tells us about the ins and outs of Gazebo, how do they organize at OSRF to develop the simulator, why to discard Gazebo 2 and how to install the newest versions. She will also clarify us what are the Ignition libraries and why OSRF is putting so much attention to them for the development of Gazebo. Additionally, she will talk about Gazebo plugins, SDF versus URDF, rendering in Gazebo, skeleton animation and many more things.


Selected quote to from the interview

There is always a compromise in where we use our resources for developing Gazebo. At present we are putting a lot of attention to rendering, and Gazebo 9 comes with a camera lens flare (there’s a nice gif here). We are adding those quality details that make the rendering much better.

Louise Poubel

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