Building a startup ecosystem for robotics in Europe

Written by Yuhong Lin



Robot startup competitions provide excellent visibility to teams, access to investment, and inspire the next generation of students to start a company.

“Startup competitions are a good source for contacts, press, and sometimes money”, says Ricardo Téllez, CTO and Co-Founder of The Construct Sim, and winner of this year’s Entrepreneurship Award at the European Robotics Forum.

“Startup competitions are excellent practice grounds for startups. They push startups to be fact-based about their viability, express with clarity the ideas behind the business, and defend the startup position in front of a panel of experts. This provides excellent feedback for the startups that they can learn from. It’s not about winning, but really about gaining the experience that will be necessary when the time comes to present your startup to investors or sell your product to the world.”

The Construct also won an award at the International Robot Launch competition in 2015, as did ArtiMinds, German maker of semi-automatic control interfaces for complex industrial tasks. Another winner at the European Robotics Forum was Robird, a startup working on bird control, from the Netherlands.

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trees growing on coins / csr / sustainable development / trees growing on stack of coins

trees growing on coins / csr / sustainable development / trees growing on stack of coins

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