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TIAGo from PAL Robotics is a mobile service robot designed to work in indoor environments.


With the TIAGo robot simulation, you can learn how to program the real robot, without the risk of breaking the real robot. You can use it to test any algorithm, such as perception, autonomous navigation, manipulation, pick & place goods, or table segmentation. Once you have your code working in the simulation, you can directly execute it with the real TIAGo robot, with minimal to no changes!

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About TIAGo

tiago robot

TIAGo is a service robot designed to work in indoor environments. TIAGo’s features make it the ideal platform for research, especially on ambient assisted living or light industry. It combines mobility, perception, manipulation and human-robot interaction capabilities for one specific goal: to be able to assist in research.

(source: PAL Robotics)


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