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Hi ROS Developers! Welcome to the ROS Developers Podcast: the program that gives you insights from the experts on how to program your robots with ROS.


Latest Episode: ROS2 Navigation Stack with Steve Macenski

Episode 76


About ROS Developers Podcast

This is the podcast that will keep you up to date with the latest ROS development topics. We will visit with one expert in ROS each week and ask them all about their latest developments in ROS. Tools, tricks, products, and lessons – get updated on ROS by the experts every week.

Latest Episode

ROS2 Navigation Stack with Steve Macenski

This episode is dedicated to all those people that are thinking about moving their robots to ROS2. One of the problems of moving to ROS2 was the lack of a stable navigation system for ROS2 robots. But as you will learn today, this problem has been solved. So if you want to move to ROS2 and want to try to make a robot navigate, then this episode is dedicated to you.

Episode76    |    1hr 3min

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Meet The Host

Ricardo Téllez

Ricardo Téllez

Founder & CEO of The Construct

Dr.Téllez is an expert in robotics. He has 10 years of experience building software for ROS-based robots, including human-sized humanoids. He is the author of 5 books about learning ROS. He has served as a robotics teacher at two universities and has been a lecturer in seminars and summer schools for many years. He has rich experience in robotics teaching and development.

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