July 7, 2023 | Virtual Conference 

The Ultimate Hands-on Gathering for ROS Developers 

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ROSDevDay2023 Recaps

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What is ROSDevDay?

Program robots with ROS experts in real-time

JULY 7, 2023



ROSDevDay 2023 Speakers

Learn from the best in ROS

Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics


Building Multi-Fleet Simulations with Open-RMF

ROS level: Intermediate

Yadunund Vijay

One of the main Open-RMF Developers
Open Robotics (Intrinsic)

Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics

Hands-on Speech

Using Callback Groups in ROS2

ROS level: Intermediate

Taneli Korhonen

Robotics & ROS Developer


Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics

Hands-on Speech

Distributed Robotics with ROS2 & Vulcanexus Cloud

ROS level: Advanced

Raúl Sánchez-Mateos Lizano

Robotics Software Engineer


Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics

Hands-on Speech

Collision Monitor – Software-Based Safety Module

ROS level: Intermediate

Alexey Merzlyakov

ROS Navigation2 Stack Open Source Maintainer. IT Expert Engineer

Samsung Electronics

Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics

Hands-on Speech

Data Collection for Robotics — An Overview

ROS level: Intermediate

David Bensoussan

Software Engineer, ROS Developer

Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics

Hands-on Speech

Mapping and Localization in ROS2

ROS level: Intermediate

Davies Iyanuoluwa Ogunsina

Roboticist, Machinist, ROS Developer

Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics

Hands-on Speech

Configure a Robot Manipulator with ros2_control

ROS level: Intermediate

Bence Magyar

One of the main creators of ros2_control & Principal Software Engineer


Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics


How to Build a Robotics Startup

ROS level: Beginner

Dominik Nowak X Ricardo Téllez

Don’t miss this live interview with Dominik Nowak, a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of expertise in building successful robotics startups. Gain invaluable insights and essential principles to kickstart your own thriving robotics venture.

Open-RMF hotel world by Open-Robotics


An Overview of the New Features in ROS2 Iron Irwini

ROS level: Beginner

Alberto Ezquerro Baraibar

Discover the latest ROS2 features and experience them firsthand with robots.


It’s Online 

You can participate in ROSDevDay anywhere in the world, in any pose;)

What else to expect


Robot Labs

Attendees can connect to The Construct’s remote real robot labs and control ROS-based robots.

ROS Awards 2023

Join us in congratulating this year’s Best ROS Software, ROS Robot, and ROS Developer finalists and winners.



Talks from influential ROS developers about trends and innovations in robot programming.

Network & Game

Connect with industry professionals and engage in activities during ROSDevDay, where winners receive exciting gifts.

Be part of this hands-on ROS gathering


Can I participate even if I'm new to ROS?
Of course, you can attend!
Also the experience is going to be immensely enriching for you. Maybe you cannot follow everything, but that doesn’t matter. The knowledge you will acquire is massive, especially if you are a beginner.
You will also interact with other ROS Developers and get to know the people in the ROS world.
We recommend that you attend.
We also recommend that two free courses for beginners before the conference:
If you take those courses, you will understand even more at the conference. However, if you don’t have time to take those courses, do not worry. You still will be able to learn a lot during the conference because the talks are guided with a notebook and with practice. Also, we have a team of experts on the conference chat that will answer your questions or problems.
Do I need to have ROS1 or ROS2 experience?
It is not required.
Your experience is not a problem. You will be guided by the speaker and will have the support of our team during the event. You will learn a lot. Of course, you will not understand some things, but you don’t have to worry because you will have all the material with the documentation forever so that, you can come back later and deeper analyze the parts you didn’t understand.
Do I need to install any software in advance?

No. You only need to connect your computer to the internet to experience the event.

Will a Certificate of Participation be issued?
(Only for attendees with a HANDS-ON PASS)
Yes, you will receive a digital version of your Certificate of Participation.
Note that a certificate is issued to ROSDevDay attendees who spent at least three hours working on the conference’s projects.
Will the conference be recorded?

Yes, the conference talks will be posted on Youtube. But all the tutorials (rosjects with code) will not be available. It is only for the attendees with the HANDS-ON PASS.

More questions? Email us at info@rosdevday.com

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