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Mastering with ROS:

SUMMIT-XL Mobile Robot 

Learn all the basics to work with the Summit XL robot from Robotnik.

Course Overview


In this course, you will learn all you need to operate and use the Summit XL robot platform in the real world. You will learn it through hands-on experience with a simulated version of the real robot, which will have the same exact interface as the real one.

What you’ll learn

  • How to set up the navigation stack to make it navigate in an indoor environment, generating maps by its own.
  • How to create a program to navigate in outdoors environments through GPS data.
  • How to detect persons with the Hokuyo laser sensor.
  • How to detect person with its PTZ RGB camera.
  • How to recognise person with its PTZ RGB camera and tell if it has permission to be there or not.
  • How to Set WayPoints in a map to make it follow that path to patrole.
    Create a reactive programs based on all previously mentioned and create a patrolling program that reacts to person detection.






Programming Languages


Pre-requisites courses

Course Syllabus

Unit 0: Robotniks Summit XL platform
Unit 1: Set Indoor Navigation Stack
Unit 2: Set Outdoors Navigation
Unit 3: Detect and localise person
Patrole with Summit XL Micro Project

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