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Mastering with ROS:


Learn how to create real world applications for a real robot

Course Overview


Learn how to create real-world applications for a real robot. In this case Jackal robot from Clear Path Robotics.


What you’ll learn

  • How to set up the navigation stack to make it navigate in an indoor environment, generating maps on its own.
  • How to create a program to navigate in outdoor environments through GPS data.
  • How to detect persons with the laser sensor.
  • How to detect persons with its RGB stereo camera.
  • How to generate waypoints and make jackal patrol.
  • Use the StereoCam to generate PointCloud Data
  • Create a reactive program based on all previously mentioned and create a patrolling program that reacts to person detection.







Programming Languages



Basic ROS, Basic Python, ROS Navigation

Course Syllabus

Unit 0: Introducing ClearPath Jackal Robot

A brief introduction to the ClearPath Jackal Robot, including a demo.

10 min.

Unit 1: Navigation Indoor

So in this unit you will learn how to create your own navigation script, generate maps, and save them.

The first thing you will need for a robot that patrols are the ability to move around without crashing into everything. For this you will learn:

  • How to move the robot
  • How to navigate without a map.
  • How to map the environment
  • How to set the navigation stack to be able to send him a location and be able to reach that destination.
  • How to send it a sequence of waypoints and execute those movements.

1 hr.

Unit 2: Set Outdoors Navigation

Here you will learn how to access the GPS data and use it to navigate around without a mapping system. You will have to rely upon the lasers to detect any obstacles and navigate around them to get to your destination in GPS coordinates. You will also learn how to visualize real maps in RVIZ based on GPS data.

1 hr.

Unit 3: Detect and localise a person

In this unit you are going to learn how to detect a person using two different systems:

  • Detect through leg detection with laser sensor: This system detect persons based on laser readings of leg patterns. This allows you to have even the position of the person, not only detect if there is a person or not.
  • Detect person through an RGB camera from the stereo-cam: This system doesn’t give you directly the position of the person, but detects the persons through Video with OpenCV.
  • As extra, you are going to learn how to Get Point cloud from the stereo camera: Use the stereo camera to extract point cloud data from the scene.

1 hr.

Unit 4: Patrol with Jackal Micro Project

In this microproject you will have to apply all that you learned in previous units to create a program that makes Jackal patrol around using indoor navigation when inside a building and GPS data when it is outdoors.

1 hr.

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