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Husky is a rugged, outdoor-ready unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), developed by Clearpath Robotics

With the Husky robot simulation, you can learn how to program the robot without the risk of damaging the real thing. You can use it to test your robot navigation algorithms, build a map, do path planning, and navigate it autonomously in a simulated indoor/outdoor environment.

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Husky is a medium-sized robotic development platform. Its large payload capacity and power systems accommodate an extensive variety of payloads, customized to meet research needs. Stereo cameras, LIDAR, GPS, IMUs, manipulators, and more can be added to the UGV by our integration experts. The Husky’s rugged construction and high-torque drivetrain can take your research where no other robot can go.

Husky fully supports ROS—all of the packages are available in the Husky github org.

(source: Clearpath Robotics)

Common ROS packages for the Clearpath Husky, useable for both simulation and real robot operation.

  • husky_control : Control configuration
  • husky_description : Robot description (URDF)
  • husky_msgs : Message definitions
  • husky_navigation : Navigation configurations and demos
  • husky_ur5_moveit_config : MoveIt configuration and demos

For Husky instructions and tutorials, please see Robots/Husky.

To create a custom Husky description or simulation, please fork husky_customization.


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