June 18, 2022 | 7am-7pm, CEST

Practice-Based Virtual Conference on ROS Robot Programming

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A ROS Learning Adventure in the Deep Sea

This year, ROSDevDay will be held in the Deep Sea. Our journey begins on a submarine ride to Alpha-7 station.

departure date and time

June 18, 2022, at 07:00 CEST


Port of Southampton, UK

submarine model


Our Mission:

Learn to program autonomous robots that can find the lost city of Atlantis and more…


Learn from ROS Experts in 8 ROS Presentations

Your journey begins with a 1- hour submarine ride to Alpha-7 deep-sea station where 8 ROS global experts await your arrival.


These ROS experts await your arrival


Simulating and Testing Underwater Robots in GazeboSim – ROS2

Arjo Chakravarty

Robotics Software Engineer

Hands-on Isaac ROS Visual SLAM with Nanosaur – ROS2

Raffaello Bonghi

DevRel Manager Robotics

Writing Path Planning Algorithms in ROS – ROS1

Sakshay Mahna

Robotics Software Engineer

Vulcanexus, Enhancing ROS2 for Monitoring and Security – ROS2

Eduardo Ponz

Robotics Software Engineer

Using Firebase Realtime Database to Control Robots Remotely over the Internet – ROS1

Nilutpol Kashyap

ROS Developer

Build a MoveIt’s Planning Scene for a Pick & Place Application

María Beneyto Gómez-Polo

R&D Engineer

How to Transparently Control Remote Simulations – ROS2

Dominik Nowak


Using Nav2 to Find a Shelf and Carry it Away – ROS2

Steven Murray

ROS/Robotics Student

In the land of autonomous underwater vehicles 

A 12-h learning journey 

At Alpha-7 station, we will start learning the latest ROS subjects from global experts in the station’s pressurized environment while practicing ROS1 & ROS2 with simulated robots. Learn to program the robots of the future and beyond!

ROSDevDay2022 Recaps

This journey is made possible thanks to

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If your organization is interested in sponsoring this year’s ROSDevDay, please contact us at info@rosdevday.com.

Last Year’s ROSDevDay trip was to Mars!

This is what you missed

What is ROSDevDay

It is NOT just another slideshow conference.

It is NOT a virtual event based on pre-recorded videos.

It is NOT a conference based on talk, talk, talk.

ROSDevDay is practice-based

It is an only for the brave challenge

It is a touch code & robots event

It is a programming orgy for ROS developers

It is a thank God for coffee 12h ROS marathon

It is a conference based on practice, practice, practice.

Are you in? 

Call for Passengers

Are You IN?

Registration will close on June 15, 2022.









Do I need to install ROS in advance?


All you have to do is bring your laptop and make sure you are connected to the internet.

This is a completely online event. We will use the online IDE -ROS Development Studio, where you will be able to run any distribution of ROS and program robots.

Can I participate even if I'm new to ROS?
Of course you can attend! 
Also the experience is going to be very enriching for you. Maybe you will not be able to follow everything, but that doesn’t matter. The amount of knowledge that you will learn is massive, especially if you are a beginner.
You will also interact with other ROS Developers so you will start knowing the people of the ROS world.
We definitely recommend you to attend.
What we also recommend you to do prior to the conference, is to take our two free courses for beginners:
If you take those courses, you will be able to understand even more at the conference. If you don’t have time to take those courses, do not worry, you still will be able to learn a lot during the conference because the talks are guided with a notebook and with practice. Also, we have a team of experts on the chat of the conference that will answer your questions or problems.
Do I need to have ROS1 or ROS2 experience?
Not required.
Your experience is not a problem. You will be guided by the speaker, and will have the support of our team during the whole event. You will learn a lot. Also some things you will not understand, but you don’t have to worry because you will have all the material with the documentation forever, so you can come back later and deeper analyze the parts that you didn’t understand.
Will a certificate of participation be issued?
Yes, you will receive a digital version of your certificate of participation.
Note, a certificate is issued to ROSDevDay attendees who spent a minimum of three hours working on the conference’s projects.
If the conferences will be record?

Yes, the conference talks will be posted on Youtube. But all the tutorials (code) will not be available, it is only for the attendants.

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